Shared Pages and Documentation right in your Jira Instance

Keep your project documentation, requirements, notes hosted right inside your Jira instance.

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Rich Authoring, just like Confluence

Pages are more than just text. Create anything from project documentation and meetings notes to retrospectives and onboarding steps. Make your pages come to life with the same easy to use visual editor that Confluence uses.

Simple for beginners to get started with ease, and yet powerful enough for experts to craft pages efficiently.

Team Collaboration made simple

Exchange feedback via page comments, and receive notifications when a team member @mentions you anywhere in a page or comment.

Log important team decisions, and easily mention pages within Jira issues with convenient auto-complete functionality.


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Introduction to Simple Team Pages

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Getting Started

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Rich Content

Create rich pages for your projects


Projects typically accumulate a wealth of documents. From workflow documentation, to roadmaps, to shared credentials. All of these need to go somewhere. So, why not put them where your team has to go already, right in Jira. This way users that need them can easily get to them without having to remember yet another url, or manage the separation between project docs and Jira issues.

Simple Wiki allows you to do all of that, without the need to add another server for confluence, or manage another tool somewhere else.

As an added bonus, SimpleWiki integrates with Jira, and thus you can easily mention users, link to Issues, and so forth.

Well, that largely depends on what you're trying to do, how deep your your pockets are, and how much time and effort you want to spend in managing another server/product.

Simple Wiki is meant to be a lightweight but feature rich alternative to Confluence. Our aim is to provide a way to manage content relevant to your issues, teams, and processes right inside of Jira. Our pages are lightweight, and support most of the functionality you would need for 'Simple' documentation.

The fact that Simple Wiki runs right inside of Jira itself means you don't need to manage a separate server, and your content is automatically part of the Jira instance (and its backup procedures, etc). It also means that from the moment you install it, it is ready to go, with no further configuration or integration necessary.

Confluence is a behemoth with a long development history, huge team, and even bigger budget and a fantastic ecosystem of vendors and developers behind it.

Quite frankly, we can't really compete with the full Confluence experience. If that's what you're looking for, you might not want Simple Wiki instead of Confluence.

On the other hand, sometimes Confluence can be big and heavy and require a bit of a learning curve.

The SimpleWiki plugin creates a new "Wiki" section within Jira, that can be seen from the main Jira header. This is where all your SimpleWiki pages live.

It also adds a new shortcut that allows you to easily mention wiki pages from Jira issues. Just type # and begin typing the name of a page, and similar to mentioning users, you will see a list of pages to link to.

Additionally, SimpleWiki provides several new Dashboard widgets that allow you to put a list of pages on a Jira dashboard, or show the contents of a single page. Ideal for a custom welcome page with lots of details and links.

SimpleWiki does not use any special markup language besides what ships natively with Jira itself. Authoring wiki pages within SimpleWiki is exactly like writing descriptions and comments for Jira Issues. You simply use the same tags as you normally would.

For a guide on authoring pages, and some of the formatting options, take a look at our Documentation.


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