Simple Team Pages has been different entities and terms. Here we give you a quick overview what the various terms mean.

A project in Simple Team Pages

Simple Team Pages does not keep separate projects. Instead, it always uses your current projects in Jira.

What is a page

A page consists of a title, and a page body where content is placed/displayed. There is various additional metadata associated with a page, like attachments, comments, page history, or an auditlog.

Page “Version”

A "Page Version" represents the page content at a particular point in time. This includes the page title, as well as the page body itself. Metadata like page labels, permissions, who owned the page at a specific date & time, and attachments are not versioned, and as such, are always represented as the most current.

Page History

The "Page History" is an activity log of all the changes that have been made to a page, along with who did it, when they did it, and what specifically changed. Thus, the page history allows you insight into how your pages evolve over time.

Page Attachments

Pages can have attachments, consisting of any files you want. These files can then be referenced within a page. Page Attachments are always associated with the page they were uploaded to.

Page Owner

The page owner is the user that initially created the page. This however, can be changed by changing the page owner. In Simple Team Pages, the page owner always has full permission to a page. As such, the user marked as the owner of a page gets special treatment in terms of permissions, and cannot be locked out of a page. The main goal is to avoid a user accidentally locking themselves out from their own page.

Page Labels

Users can apply labels to Pages. Labels are a combination of existing labels from Jira itself (these are the same labels you already use for Issues), as well as labels created within Team Pages.

Note: Team pages keeps track of its own labels that don’t exist in Jira itself, and due to technical limitations can’t be posted back to Jira. As such, users might find labels on Pages that they won’t find on issues.

Page Mention

A “Page Mention” is when you mention a page either within another page, or when you mention a page within an issue

Page mentions are rendered as a link to that page, and automatically show the latest title of the page.

Page Key

The unique key (similar to an Issue Key) for a page, This is unique within each project, and used for constructing the url to a page.

Public Page

A page that is publicly accessible, by users outside of Jira. This can be done through the sharing screen.

Note: you can disable public sharing in the settings screen.