Archiving pages is one of the few ways you can use to declutter the pages in a project.

This can be especially useful as your pages age, and lose relevance. Instead of deleting a page, you can archive it, thus preserving the knowledge it contains, without it cluttering the list of pages.

To archive a page, simply use the "Archive" action from the actions menu, either on the Page List, or when viewing a page.

page list with actions dropdown

page view with actions dropdown

When you archive a page, it is marked with a yellow 'archived' lozenge to indicate its status.

More importantly though, the page is removed from the Page List, where it is only shown when the "Archived Pages" filter is selected.

page list with filters dropdown and archived pages showing

Additionally, on Jira Server / Data Center, archived pages don't show in the Jira activity stream any longer when they are changed.


You can always ‘un-archive’ a page, simply by following the same steps as archiving. On archived pages, the action will be “unarchive”.


Unlike marking a page as a favorite page, archiving a page affects all users, not just the current user.