1.0.5 - Page History, Favorites, and easier page links

May 04, 2014

New & Fixed in this release

  • fa-check
  • users can now mark a page as a favorite in the page list
  • page list now contains more data about who owns a page, who edited it, whether it has permissions, or whether it is a favorite
  • page list can now be filters by recent pages, "my pages", and favorite pages
  • linking pages now works like user mentions in tickets. Simply enter # in the editor, and a list of pages to link to will appear
  • pages now have their history page, and changes to pages are pushed to the Jira activity stream
  • add page dialog has been improved. The focus is now on the name (title), which is the user friendly title shown, and the key, which is used for linking pages, similar to how Jira tickets have a title and a key. The key is now auto-generated for convenience.
  • improvements to internal page routing and link handling to allow any character in the page key and page title (including foreign characters).