1.0.10 - Bug Fixes for Postgres, MSSQL, and permissions.

March 20, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • fa-check
  • Fixing a bug where a deleted user or group would cause the wiki to break
  • Fixing multiple bugs related to Postgres & Miscrosoft SQL Server
  • Fixing an issue where mentioning a user in a comment on a wiki page would not send an email notification
  • Fixing an IE issue that would prevent older IE versions from uploading a file to a wiki page
  • Fixing a permissions issues where an admin could not edit a page owned by another user that was marked as read-only


  • Making the Atlassian Jira Wiki Editor compatible with SimpleWiki
  • Adding scrolling to the permissions drop down to better cope with long lists of Jira Groups & Roles
  • Adding a link in Projects sidebar to the wiki for that project