Anytime a page changes, an activity entry is created. All page activity can be viewed from the Page History screen.

page history screen

The Page history screen shows you a quick overview of each action that was taken on the page, who performed the action, and when.

sidebar / filtering overview

To narrow down the list, you can filter the history entries by type, date range, as well as user that performed an action.

page history filter sidebar

types of history entries & samples


Generally, all actions on a page add an entry in the page history, with the exception of marking a page as a favorite, and changing the watchers of a page. Those are excluded from the activity log. Additionally, permissions changes simply note the fact that permissions were changed without any details as to who was added/removed from the permissions list.

editing the page

Editing the page generates an entry like this:

sample page edit entry

adding / removing attachments

adding file

removing file

adding / removing / editing comment

adding comment

editing comment

removing comment

generating a new version

new versions

archiving the page

archiving page


page permissions

changing page to locked

changing page to open

sharing page publicly

unsharing page

adding / removing labels

add page label

delete page label

Jira Activity Stream Integration

On Jira Server / Data Center, all page history entries are also automatically injected into the general Jira activity stream.

jira activity stream example

Note: This feature is unavailable for Jira Cloud due to technical limitations on the Atlassian side. More specifically, Atlassian doesn't provide apps any way to extend the native Jira activity stream.


If the Simple Wiki add-on is a bit too chatty for your liking, you can disable the plugin from sending items to the overall JIRA activity stream. For more info, view the settings screen