Upgrading from Simple Wiki 1.x to 2.0

Upgrading from Simple Wiki 1.x to 2.0

All Simple Wiki versions prior to 2.0 utilized Jira Markup (h2, *bold*, etc) for the content of pages. This markup is the same that Jira itself uses for issue content. With the introduction of the new editor in 2.0, we changed the formatting of pages to be stored using the Atlassian Document Format (ADF).

With ADF, pages are represented as a JSON tree of nodes. Both, Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud are migrating to this same format. We decided to follow their example, and adopt the new Atlassian standard before the rest of Jira server does.

What does this mean for me and/or my Jira instance?

In simple terms, nothing really.
Newly created pages will automatically follow the new storage format, and there is nothing specific your users will have to do for that.

Old pages are not automatically upgraded to the new format when installing the new version of the plugin. Instead, old page will continue to display and work as they have before, except that behind the scenes, we will dynamically generate the new page format based on the existing markup in the page. This way, your existing pages won't change, or be edited automatically, and we reduce the potential for things to go awry. Old pages are only upgraded when they are edited the first time by any user. In that case, the user will be presented with a notice to let them know that they are upgrading an old 'legacy' page to the new format. Once the old page is saved in the new format the notice will disappear, and not be shown again for this page.

Do I have to do anything?

There is nothing specific for you, as a Jira administrator, to do, except be aware of the process described above, in case it fails and you need help with a broken page.

We tried to make the upgrade process as seamless and robust as possible, accounting for any strange formatting, 3rd party plugins and macros you might be using, and so forth. To be completely blunt however, there is a chance that we missed a particular use case, and sometimes a page might break during the upgrade process. This will most likely manifest itself with an error, and a page not rendering properly anymore.

When this happens, your page might be temporarily inaccessible. Just let us know, and we will work with you to recover the page from a previous version and fix the issue.