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Simple Team Pages - Release 2.0

Release Date: October 21. 2019

A bit of background on this (massive) release, and renaming the product

Development on SimpleWiki has been quiet for quite a while now. In fact, if you look back at the list of releases, you might notice that the last year or so has primarily consisted of compatibility releases and minor fixes.
We've taken that time to focus on some of our other plugins, gather some ideas, give some serious thought about the direction we wanted the SimpleWiki plugin to take.

The goal was to create a better, more user-friendly experience. We wanted it to be easier for less experienced Jira users to create pages, while making sure we don't get in the way of power users that just want to get stuff done. At the same time, we also needed to make sure we stay with the times in terms of designs, and ensure faster delivery of new features in the future. So.. we did the only logical thing, we started rebuilding this addon from the ground up.

To reflect the new direction and visuals the addon is taking, we are renaming the addon to"Simple Team Pages".

Below you'll find information about some of the changes in this 2.0 release, as well as a glimpse of features planned for the next couple months, and some important notes for Jira Administrators.

Quick overview & some screenshots

  • Complete rebuild of UI. New visuals and better performance
  • New sidebar navigation, making it easier to get to pages from anywhere
  • Easier access to recent pages and favorite pages
  • New Editor & new page view
  • Editor: Image Resizing and alignment support
  • Editor: Column support for better layouts
  • Editor: advanced table editor
  • Editor: Type-ahead for page links
  • Editor: Type-ahead for issue mentions
  • Editor: New icons & emojis
  • Editor: Status lozenge
  • Editor: Colored panels
  • Editor: quick insert via slash commands
  • User-level permissions
  • Import permissions from other pages
  • Better page search and filtering
  • Better search and filtering of page history

Temporarily Removed Features:

We have temporarily removed a few features. These will come back in an updated form in the upcoming releases.

  • Project-level history
    This is temporarily gone, while we redesign the screen to match the new history screens and create advanced filters for it.
  • Project 'Home'
    A new version of the 'Home' screen with the ability to customize the content will be introduced with the next release

A glimpse at upcoming features

While the core of the 2.0 release centers around the new visuals and new editor, we've also made a ton of under-the-hood improvements that lay the groundwork for future functionality. Many of these are in-fact already supported, they simply don't have a user interface yet.

  • Support for 'Collections', which allow automatically aggregating pages based on various criteria, and rolling up data within them
  • Support for 'Topics', which allow grouping pages together however you want, and creating a custom navigation tree and 'Home' page for each topic
  • Page Templates with pre-made design/format for various common use cases like retrospectives, meeting notes, user stories, etc
  • Additional page content like pre-made content blocks and macros for things like Issue lists, page lists, user profile cards, maps, etc
  • 'Tasks' & 'Decisions' support in the editor
  • Project Level history
  • Ability to mark any page as the project 'Home' and customize it
  • Advanced sharing options for pages, to allow password protecting public pages, changing the visuals of publicly shared pages, as well as more granular control over what data to expose to the public
  • Improved Access log with stats, analytics, and long-term usage overview
  • Advanced search functionality, as well as the ability to save searches as filters (similar to Jira filters)
  • Project level setings to allow having different settings per project, or even disabling the Wiki for specific projects, as well as other more granular settings

Important Note for Jira administrators

updated storage format to match confluence