General Settings

    SimpleWiki exposes several general / global settings that allow you change functionality, as well as hide/show certain features of the Wiki.

    Since these settings are global, they automatically apply to all projects and all users, and can only be managed from the add-on configuration screen.

    Available settings include:

    JIRA Toolbar

    These settings pertain to the main JIRA Toolbar, and allow you to change which sections show in the toolbar, and how many items each section should show.

    Show Recent Projects & Number of recent projects to show

    This setting determines whether the main Wiki dropdown in the JIRA header shows a section for Recent Projects, and how many recent projects should be shown.
    The default is "yes", and up to 5 recent projects.

    NOTE: The recent projects are dictated by JIRA itself, and not by the Wiki add-on. This means, if you visit project "ABC" within JIRA, it will show in the list. If you visit project "SW" within the wiki section, it will not show in the list, since JIRA itself doesn't recognize visits to the Wiki sections as having viewed a project.

    Show recent pages & Number of recent pages to show

    This setting determines whether the main Wiki dropdown in the JIRA header shows a section for Recently Viewed Pages, and how many recent pages should be shown.
    The default is "yes", and up to 5 most recent pages.
    NOTE: the data for the most recent pages comes from the Access Log. If a user has not visited any pages in a while, and the access log is cleared out, there would be no recent pages for that user.


    Simple Wiki keeps track of it’s own activity stream internally. This setting determines whether changes made in Simple Wiki should show up in the general JIRA Activity Stream.
    Note: disabling this setting simply affects whether items show in the activity stream. If you re-enable this setting, historic changes will automatically show up again.


    JS Error Logging

    JIRA automatically keeps track of server side logs, and thus any errors that the Simple Wiki add-on encounters are logged to the standard JIRA logs. When a Wiki user encounters an error in the UI however, those errors get lost. Simple Wiki has the ability to capture these errors, and automatically dump them into the JIRA logs. This makes it easier for us (the add-on developers) to diagnose issues in case you run into bugs.

    By default this is enabled, and all errors are placed in a log on the JIRA server.


    The log file does not contain any sensitive information, and the log file only lives on your server. We (the plugin developers) have no access to this, unless you explicitly submit it to us for support purposes.

    Access Log Cleanup Interval

    Simple Wiki tracks access logs for every page. The primary purpose for this is so we know which "recent" pages to show each user. Additionally, this creates an audit trail for admins, to review who has accessed a page and when. Depending on the amount of users, and how frequently pages are accessed, this log could grow to be big. This setting allows you to decide how long (in days) access logs should be kept. The default is 10 days. Leaving the field blank, or entering 0 will keep the logs indefinitely.

    JIRA Issue Screen

    Show Related Pages Section

    Whenever an issue is mentioned in a Wiki page, the page is automatically associated with the issue. This setting determines whether JIRA issues should show a section in the right sidebar for "Related Pages", where the issue is mentioned.


    Simple Wiki ships with a new Glossary functionality. This allows users to define terms, phrases, and acronyms that automatically get highlighted whenver they show up anywhere, and allow users to easily view the definition of a term.

    By default, the Glossary functionality is only visible within the Wiki section itself. The glossary related sections allow you to turn on/off whether the Glossary should be enabled globally, which makes the Glossary available within all JIRA projects and all JIRA issues.

    Effectively this means any term defined in the Glossary will automatically be highlighted within issue comments and descriptions as well. Additionally, Issues will also receive a new section in the right sidebar, with a summary of all the terms found within an issue along with their definition.

    You can disable the automatic highlighting of terms within issues, and/or the sidebar with the settings exposed in this section.

    Public Pages

    Enable Public Pages

    Simple Wiki allows pages to be marked as Public. This means someone outside of JIRA could access the page without the need to have a JIRA user account. For security reasons, you may wish to disable public pages. This setting allows you to that.