Single Page Widget

    The single page gadget allows you to show the contents of an individual page directly on a JIRA Dashboard, making it perfect for welcome messages, as well as a lead-in for documentation, announcements, contact lists, or important upcoming data that should be shown right away when someone visits JIRA.

    page widget configuration

    Configuration of the gadget is as simple as selecting a page from a project.

    sample page widget


    In order to see the page, a user must have permissions to the page. This means if you point the gadget to a page that only admins can see, non-admins will receive a permissions error.

    Conversely, if the gadget is visible to non-authenticated users, and you point the gadget to a page with public permissions, the page will be visible to public users.


    You can add a single page widget to the default JIRA dashboard, and point it at a public page, in order to make it visible to users before they log in.
    This is ideal for messages you want to share with users before authentication like terms of service, rules, or announcements.