Viewing a Page

    To view a page, simply navigate to the project wiki, find the desired page in the "Home", or "Pages" screen, and click on the title.


    Alternatively, you can find some of the recent pages in the Wiki header, or on the "Home" screen.

    wiki dropdown with recent pages

    Once the page loaded, you'll see the page content, similar to this:

    sample page view

    The page content consists of a 3 sections

    Page header
    Shows you the title, labels, who created the page and last edited it, as well as common actions.

    Page body
    The actual written content of the page, along with embedded images, and so forth.

    All the comments attached to the page.

    Additionally, you'll notice the sidebar, which allows you to navigate to the various sub-sections of a page to do things like setting permissions, or adding watchers, as well as navigate to sub-sections of a page, like attached files, past versions, access log, and more.