Watchers & Notifications

    If you want to be kept up-to-date on changes to a page, you can add yourself (and others) to the watchers list of a page. The functionality is the same as for JIRA issues.

    Within a page, clicking on the watcher icon, or the start/stop watching button will add or remove you from the watchers list of that page.

    page header with watchers icon & start/stop watch button

    Clicking on the number bubble of the start/stop watching option brings up the watchers dialog, which allows you to manage all the users currently watching a page, and add/remove users based on your needs.

    watchers dialog

    Anytime the page changes, all users in the watchers list are notified via email of the change.
    Notifications include events such as page edits, new comments, file changes, and archiving a page.


    Marking a page as a favorite, and permissions changes are excluded from the list of notifications.

    Email notifications follow the standard JIRA notification style.


    The email notifications are dependent on your JIRA notification settings. This means, if you don't have any notification schemes setup, no emails will be sent.