Linking Pages

    Pages can be linked together using a markup syntax of: [!pagename].

    For example: [!jira-wiki-markup-guide]

    For your convenience, we've added an autocomplete function similar to user mentions. Simply start typing a hash symbox (#) and the name of a page, like this: #mypagename
    And you will see a dropdown show up with suggestions of pages that match the title you're entering.

    page link autocomplete dialog

    Select the page you wish to link to, and the markup is atuomatically added in-place.

    This works with within pages, and within any issue field that supports wiki rendering. (typically the issue description, and comments).

    Once you've added a link with the above syntax, the title of the page is automatically resolved anytime the macro renders. This means, as you change the title of a page, that change is reflected everywhere you've linked to the page.


    You can link to any page you have access to. If another user doesn't have access to the page you link to, the link is still active. The user simply won't have access to the linked page.