Tags / Labels for Pages

    To help you keep your organized, SimpleWiki provides the ability to add labels to pages.

    The functionality is similar to applying a label to a JIRA Issue. Each page can have an arbitrary set of labels applied to it, which consist of labels currently in use within JIRA, any new labels you wish to add.

    To add a label to a page, either navigate to the page itself and click the edit button in the label section

    page view header with labels icon

    Or from "Pages" tab, hover the mouse over one of the pages, and you will see an action for "add a label".

    page list row add labels hover

    Both actions will bring up the labels dialog, which allows you to either select one of the existing labels, or simply enter a new one.

    add labels dialog

    The field for labels is free-form, and provides type-ahead. So the moment you begin typing, it will automatically perform a search against the existing labels. Hitting the enter key on your keyboard will select one of the labels, or insert your new label.

    Labels are applied immediately, and you don't need to specificially "save" your changes.

    Removing a label follows the same steps. Bring up the labels dialog, and remove a label by clicking the small "x" icon within it, or select it and hit the backspace key on your keyboard.

    Labels in use within the Wiki are automatically aggregated into the "Tags" section of the wiki. This shows you all the labels in use, and how many pages have a label applied to them.


    Due to limitations within JIRA, any labels you create within the Wiki add-on will not be visible within JIRA Issues by default. Any labels you add to JIRA Issues will however be available within the Wiki add-on.