File Attachments

    Just like JIRA issues, Wiki pages can have files attached to them.

    Files can be embedded within the page itself as well as within comments, either as a link, or as thumbnails (for images and videos).

    Attaching a file to a page is as simple as navigating to the Attachments section from the page sidebar, and dragging a file from your desktop into the designated area.

    files screen + page sidebar with files icon

    The attachments page shows your all the files currently attached to the pag. You can switch between a details view and a gallery view by using the buttons in the header.

    file attachments screen - details vs gallery

    Files are automatically versioned. So if you upload a file with the same name as another file already attached to the page, the existing file will be replaced with the new one.
    The old file remains attached to the page, and shows as grayed out.
    If you delete a newer version of a file, the older version will show up again.

    To delete a file, simply click on the trash icon next to the file.

    file row + trash icon

    Deleting a file is permanent, and cannot be undone.
    Conversely, if you delete a page, all attached files are deleted along with it.


    Take a look at how to embed a file link or thumnbnail in a page, for details on embedding files, and how files are exposed on public pages.