Page Activity

    Anytime a page changes, an activity entry is created for the page. Activity entries are automatically injected into the general JIRA activity stream.

    Additionally, the entire activity log for a page can be reviewed by selecting the "Page Activity" screen from the sidebar of a page.

    page sidebar with activity item

    The activity screen shows you a quick overview of each action that was taken on the page, and who performed the action. Activity items can be expanded for more details.

    page activity items

    To narrow down the list, you can filter by date range, and user.


    Generally, all actions on a page add an entry in the activity log, with the exception of marking a page as a favorite, permissions changes, and changing the watchers of a page. Those are excluded from the activity log.


    If the Simple Wiki add-on is a bit too chatty for your liking, you can disable the plugin from sending items to the overall JIRA activity stream. For more info, view the settings screen