Editing a Page

    Editing a Wiki Page is similar to editing a JIRA issue.

    Pages support standard JIRA Markup and Macros, allowing you to format text, and to add things like {panel}, {code} blocks, and {noformat} sections, as well as @mention users, and linking to issues.

    Additionally, since pages can have files attached, you can reference those using the standard JIRA markup for embedding thumbnails or creating links.

    While editing the page, you can use the built in Wiki Editor (JIRA 6.4 and beyond) to format your content. The syntax is the same as editing JIRA Issues. For a refresher on what markup and formatting options exist, click on the help icon in the header.

    edit page header with toolbar, images, ..etc in content

    Clicking the preview button will show you what your page will look like once it is saved.

    sample page with file links & image thumbnails

    Changing the Page title

    Since pages are linked to through the page key, anytime you change the title, all references to the page are automatically updated, to reflect the new title.

    Embedding an attached file

    To embed an attached file, click on the Files button in the toolbar, which will bring up the files sidebar. From there, you can either drag   drop a file right into your content area, or simply click the insert icon.

    sample files sidebar

    The file will be inserted wherever you drop, or where the cursor is.
    Images will automatically be inserted as a thumbnail, while all other files are inserted as a link to the file.

    sample file markup

    You can edit the inserted markup directly, to do things like changing dimensions of an image, using the full size instead of thumbnail, and so forth. Some example are:

    Link Type Markup
    Image Thumbnail !page-public.png|thumbnail!
    Full Size Image !page-public.png!
    Image with Fixed Dimensions !page-public.png|wdith=400,height=400!
    File Link [^sample_file.doc]


    Any file (image, video, other files, etc) that you reference within the page itself will be exposed to public users if the page is public. For more details, read about Page Permissions and Public Pages

    Linking to another page

    To link to another page, simply type a pound symbol (#) and begin typing a page name. Autocomplete will kick in, and show you available pages that match.
    For more details, see the linking pages section.