Creating a Page

    New Pages can be added from the "Home" tab, and the "Pages" tab, via the "Create Page" button.

    project header with create page button

    Clicking the button brings up the "Add New Page" dialog, which allows you to specify a user friendly "Title", and a unique key for the page.

    add page dialog

    The title of a page is used throughout the Wiki whenever the page is shown anywhere. Think of this as similar to an Issue Summary. The page title can contain any characters you wish, and can be changed anytime.

    The key of a page is similar to an issue key. It acts as the underlying unique identifier for the page. The page key is used to construct the url to the page, and is used internally whenever the page is referenced somewhere. This allows a user to bookmark a page and not be affected by the title of the page changing. The key of a page cannot be changed after the page has been created. Page keys automatically restrict certain characters to avoid issues with the browser url bar.


    The key must be unique within the project, and after you've set the key for a page, it cannot be changed without recreating the page and losing the history & past versions of the page.

    Clicking the submit button creates the new page, and immediately shows it in the list of pages.
    Once the page is created, you can Edit the page content, add labels, upload attachments, and set permissions.