Copying a Page

    To copy a page, either navigate to the "Pages" tab and select the Copy option from the actions menu, or select the copy action from the sidebar when viewing a Page.

    page list row with copy action

    page sidebar with copy button

    The copy page dialog, allows you to specify a new name and key for the copied page, as well as whether files and labels should be copied as well.
    Similar to creating a page, the page key must be unique when copying a page.

    copy page dialog


    By default, only the page content itself is copied. This means any labels applied to the page, or files attached to the page are excluded from the copied page. This also means that any files or thumbnails mentioned in the page could now be dead links.
    Checking the "Include Files" checkbox copies all attached files, and thus preserves file links within the page from breaking.


    Copying a page does not carry over any page comments, page history, access logs, or past page versions to the newly copied page.