Browsing your Projects

    Each JIRA Project has it's own Wiki section. To browse the different projects, simply click on the "Wiki" dropdown in the main JIRA header.

    JIRA header with wiki dropdown

    Click on "Browse Projects", to navigate to a list of the project Wiki's you have access, along with an overview of how many pages each project contains.

    browse projects screen

    Clicking the name of a project leads to the "Project Home" screen, which will show you any pages you've recently viewed, or have marked as favorites.

    Clicking on the page numbers leads directly to the "Page List" screen, which will show you all the active pages within the project.


    If the Wiki dropdown in the main header already contains the project you want in the "Recent Projects" section, you can simply click it there, and it will lead to the Wiki of that project as well.

    Overview of Wiki Tabs

    The Wiki section within each project consists of several tabs.

    The starting point for each Wiki. Shows you recently viewed pages and favorites within the project.

    Allows you to manage all the pages in this project. See the Manage Pages Section for more info

    Allows you to manage all the archived pages. See the Archived Pages for more details

    Gives you an overview of all the labels in use on pages. See the Labels Section for more info

    Provides an activity stream of all the wiki related changes in this project. See the Page/Project Activity Section for more details

    The starting point for each Wiki is the "Home" screen.
    It shows a list of pages you've marked as favorites, as well as recently viewed pages.

    wiki home tab

    Page list

    The "Pages" tab provides a list of all the Wiki pages within the project that are not currently archived.

    sample page list

    Each entry in the list shows the Title of the page, who owns the page, who last modified it and when, as well as any labels applied to the page, whether it is protected via permissions, and whether it is marked as a favorite for the current user.

    By default, the screen shows 20 pages at a time, and provides pagination if you have more than 20 pages.

    Each Wiki page allows for a set of actions to be taken on the page.

    page actions dropdown

    Navigates to the Edit Screen to begin editing the page content.

    Brings up a dialog to delete the page.
    See the Deleting pages section for more details

    Archive / Unarchive
    Archives the page, or if the page is already archived, unarchives the page.
    See the Archived Pages section for more details

    Navigates to the Permissions Screen to set the page permissions

    Favorite / Unfavorite
    Marks the page as a favorite, or removes it from your favorites.
    See the Favorite Pages section for more details

    Page Activity
    Navigates to the Page Activity Screen to show you the most recent activity for the specifed page.

    Past Versions
    Navigates to the Past Versions screen, allowing you to view and restore and of the past versions.

    Start / Stop Watching
    Adds or removes you from the watchers list of the page.
    See the Page Watchers & Notifications section for more details

    Copy Page
    Brings up a dialog to copy the page.
    See the Copying a Page section for more details

    Change Owner
    Brings up a dialog to change the page owner.

    Searching for Pages

    Using the pre-made "Quick Search" filters, you can filter the list to only show pages you've marked as a favorite, pages where you are the owner, or pages that have been updated recently (within the past 7 days). Selecting one of the filters automatically reloads the page list based on the filter selected.

    page list filter bar

    Alternatively, you can also search for pages using the search field. This will return any page where the title or the page content matches your search query.


    You can combine searches with filters. For example, you can search for pages with specific keywords, and then filter the result to only show the ones recently updated.

    To clear a filter, simply click on the "All Pages" option again.
    To clear a search, click the small "x" icon to clear the field.

    Favorite Pages

    Pages can be marked as favorites.

    Marking a page as a favorite is on a per-user basis, and means only that user has the page as a favorite. Favorite pages show up in your "Home" screen for each Wiki, and make it easy to return to a page. Any user can mark a page as a favorite, as long as they have access to it.

    Marking a page as a favorite can be done by clicking the star icon that appears when you hover to the left of the page title.

    page list row with favorite star highlighted

    To unfavorite a page, simply follow the same steps, and click the favorite buttons again, and the page will be removed from your favorites.

    Archived Pages

    Archiving pages is a great way to declutter your pages, and tuck away old, or infrequently used pages, without losing their content.

    When you archive a page, it is removed from the "Pages" list, and instead is only shown within the "Archives" tab of the wiki. Additionally, archived pages don't show in the activity stream any longer when they are changed.


    Archiving a page is done on a global basis, and applies to ALL USERS the same.

    Finding Pages via Labels

    To help you organize your Wiki a bit, SimpleWiki provides the ability to add labels to pages. Each page can have an arbitrary amount of labels applied to it.

    All the labels currently assigned to pages are aggregated into a convenient "Labels" tab within each project, thus making it easy to find pages by a certain label.

    wiki Labels tab active

    As you can see, each label shows how many pages are contained within the label. Clicking a label either from the page list, or from the list of labels shows you all the pages that have the specified label applied.


    To avoid clutter, any label not currently in use on a page is not listed here.

    For details on how to apply labels to a page, take a look at the Page Labels section.

    Project Activity

    The Activity tab shows an activity stream for all the Wiki pages within the current project. This works similarly to the JIRA activity stream. The major difference is that the Wiki activity tab aggregates only events related to Wiki pages, and only within the context of the current proejct.

    project activity tab sample

    Each item in the activity stream shows a quick overview of each action that was taken, which page was changed, and who performed the action.

    To narrow down the list, you can filter by date range, and by user.


    Generally, all actions on a page add an entry in the activity log, with the following exceptions:

    • marking a page as a favorite
    • changing page permissions
    • adding/removing watchers to a page.